“A three-centered person needs a three-centered practice.”

-Abi Robins

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Embodied Enneagram Coaching


As a trained yoga therapist and Enneagram teacher it is my goal to help you understand your patterns and learn how to open yourself up to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. The Enneagram in and of itself does not offer a method for applying the information into our everyday lives, and without a method the information becomes nothing more than a personality party trick. I’ve spent the last half decade devoted to the practice and study of Yoga in tandem with my Enneagram work, and the two have utterly transformed my life. In my individual and couples coaching, I guide my clients through exploring their issues through the framework the Enneagram provides and using the tools of Yoga to build a down-to-earth practice they can use to bring themselves back into balance. If the Enneagram is a map, Yoga is the off-road vehicle you need to take you on this journey.


I meet with clients anywhere from once a week to once a month depending on their level of experience, the current state of their practice, and their personal goals. In our sessions we discuss whatever issues are up for the client. We cover issues that are physical, psycho-emotional, situational, relational, behavioral, and spiritual from a holistic perspective, taking into account all levels of the human person. Together we develop a personalized, daily practice consisting of conscious movement, breathwork, meditation, and lifestyle adjustments for the client that gives them a way to directly influence each of their three centers. The practice is designed to be both corrective and expansive, bringing the client back into what balance looks like for them, and helping them to develop the capacities necessary to live the life they’re meant to live.


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Relationship issues

  • Parenting

  • Sexuality

  • Gender Identity

  • Passion Alignment

  • Life Transitions 

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Work With Me



“In business, as in every area of life, your success depends on your team.”

-Abi Robins


but how does one effectively manage the strengths, blind spots, and communication styles of everyone involved?

The Enneagram is a dynamic and powerful tool for understanding the many expressions of the human personality. It provides a deep understanding of how each member on your team functions in the world and the workplace. The Enneagram charts a course of growth for each member and the team as a whole to help eliminate needless conflict and team member disengagement, and produce the best possible results from everyone involved. I can help your team discover their dominant Enneagram types and turn the information into action to shift unhealthy dynamics and bring new life to your team.

I teach team building workshops for groups 4 to 30 members where each person will:

  • Discover a deeper understanding of themselves and their teammates

  • Learn to communicate more effectively with other Enneatypes

  • Experience mindfulness practices to improve productivity and personal connection

Studying the Enneagram has been proven to increase personal functioning. The benefits of these workshops include:

  • Communicate more effectively, avoiding needless conflict and employee disengagement

  • Empower each team member with self-understanding and self-awareness

  • Increase productivity by understanding how to utilize each person’s strengths and effectively coach their growth edges


  • 4-10 Members: 

    • Half Day (4 hours): $1,500

    • Full Day (8 hours w/break for lunch): $2,800

    • Two Day (2- 8 hour days w/breaks for lunch): $3,500

  • 11-20 Members: 

    • Half Day (4 hours): $2,000

    • Full Day (8 hours w/break for lunch): $3,500

    • Two Day (2 8 hour days w/breaks for lunch): $6,250

  • 21-30 Members: 

    • Half Day (4 hours): $2,500

    • Full Day (8 hours w/break for lunch): $4,500

    • Two Day (2- 8 hour days w/breaks for lunch): $8,000

On-going corporate coaching available on a case by case basis.

Contact Abi for more information about how the Enneagram can bring out the best in your team.