Type 5

The Investigator/The Observer

5’s are driven by a need to know or understand. They are focused on gaining knowledge and information. 5’s prefer to sit on the sidelines and observe from a distance before engaging in new activities or situations. They deal mostly with fear and anxiety, generally relating to feeling incompetent, unprepared, or depleted. 5’s have strong boundaries and are particularly averse to emotional intrusion. They are often extremely knowledgeable and come into relationships without an agenda. 5’s have trouble taking the information they’ve gathered and taking necessary action around it.

What They See

Well, what don’t they see? 5’s tend to stand on the outskirts of things and observe from a distance, and they are *very* observant. They have a strong desire to gain knowledge and expertise, and seek to “corner the market” on information about the topics they love. 5’s love systems and organizing information so they are always prepared for any intellectual gun-fight that might ensue. They are deeply concerned with their own personal autonomy and seek to be as self-sufficient as possible. 5’s embody the hermit archetype, storing up wisdom and knowledge, and at their best they are generous with them and can put them into action.

What They Miss

5’s focus all of their attention and energy into their heads, often leaving their hearts and bodies sorely neglected. In their quest for deep understanding they can become emotionally detached and lose connection with the world around them. While their need for autonomy keeps them individuated, it also isolates them. Their continued focus on gaining more and better information runs on a loop and prevents them from taking effective action with the knowledge they have. It’s been said that knowledge applied is wisdom, and 5’s thirst for wisdom, but they miss out by not applying the knowledge they already have and continually searching for more.

Their Work

5’s spend their time in their heads, but they need to journey down into their hearts if they want to have the meaningful emotional experiences that make life worth living. That’s not an easy task for a 5, though. Instead of going head-first (ha! You see what I did there?) into the heart, bodywork is an amazing way for 5’s to become more comfortable in their own skin and therefore more comfortable with their emotions. Yoga is very popular among 5’s because of it’s philosophical connections. They just need to make sure they don’t become the yogi stuck in the cave.

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