Type 6

The Loyal Skeptic/Devil’s Advocate/The Buddy

6’s are driven by a need to be secure. Their focus is on outer authority and they can either submit themselves to it wholeheartedly or push against it in rebellion. They have questioning minds and often seek out second, third, and fourth opinions. They deal mostly with fear and anxiety, having lost touch with their own inner guidance. 6’s are loyal and devoted friends who are always prepared in a crisis. They have trouble with overthinking and can getting caught up in worst case scenario planning.

What they see

6’s have a finely tuned eye for seeing what could go wrong in situations. They can anticipate problems and find solutions. 6’s are driven to always be prepared for any contingency. They are well equipped to both develop and challenge ideas, structures, and systems. They desire to be deeply loyal to worthy people and groups. 6’s at their best are the glue that hold organizations together and can also be effective leaders.

What They Miss

6’s have lost touch with their own inner guidance and authority, and because of this they seek out guidance and authority from others. This creates a lack of faith or trust in themselves that they project out on to other people. This leads to the 6’s pushing and testing their relationships, be it at home, work, or with friends, and can often create a self-fulfilling prophesy. The 6’s questioning mind is a wonderful asset when used appropriately, but when it’s running the show it can undermine the relationships that 6’s hold dear.

Their Work

6’s have to tap into their own inner knowing and guidance. While this proves to be their greatest struggle, once they learn to tune in, listen, and follow their inner voice, everything about their life changes for the better. Before that giant goal is achieved, though, it can be helpful for the 6 to practice making a decision even if they don’t have all the answers and moving forward without the self-doubt and second guessing.