Type 7

The Enthusiast/The Epicure/The Adventurer

7’s are driven by a need to avoid pain or discomfort. Their attention is focused on possibilities and positive future planning. They deal mostly with fear and anxiety, but they distract themselves from it through their many fun and enjoyable experiences. 7’s strongly dislike feeling trapped or limited in any way. They are fun and energetic and are masters of finding silver linings. They can miss out on meaningful experiences in life because of their drive to not feel pain either physically or emotionally.

What They See

7’s are all about living an enjoyable life. They keep their eyes on the future and like to keep their options open. They have an uncanny ability to see the possibilities and excellent potential in all things. They are incredible planners and want to always stay ahead of the game. 7’s are incredibly high energy and are always on the lookout for the next big adventure, sometimes even before the adventure they’re on is over. 7’s have an almost magical ability to see the positive in even the darkest of situations, and their energy and excitement for life bring joy wherever they go.

What They Miss

With their energy always moving forward, 7’s have maybe the hardest time being present of any of the types. If they overuse their gift of finding silver linings, they can come off as shallow, aloof, and emotionally distant, making it hard to sustain the more meaningful intimate relationships that emotional presence facilitates. In their search for more (of basically everything) they can miss out on the beauty and value of what’s in front of them, ensuring that they always feel that looming sense of lack and limitation. Their ever-positive outlook leaves little room for the darker or heavier side of the emotional spectrum, which can keep them from developing into emotional maturity.

Their Work

7’s have to learn and experience that sadness won’t kill them. Neither will pain, discomfort, or any of a long list of less than happy emotions. To do this, though, they need to slow down and funnel some of their energy into their heart space. This is difficult without consistent, disciplined practice, and since those are not the 7’s strong suit, finding a way to make their practices like yoga and meditation fun and enjoyable. Often having someone to keep them accountable makes the largest impact.