Type Three

The Achiever/The Performer/The Chameleon

3’s are driven by a need to be successful and achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. Their attention is focused on tasks, goals, and their own accomplishments. They most often deal with shame, although they have repressed this feeling in favor of earning their worth through success and achievement. 3’s know how to get the job done in the most efficient way possible and take little time to celebrate their own success. They are prone to burn out and, if they aren’t careful, they may cut corners to be the first to cross the finish line.

 What They See

3’s are goal and task oriented, and have an ability to get things done as efficiently as possible. They have a deep desire to be seen as successful. They are image focused, meaning they are tuned in to how they are coming across to others and they want to meet and exceed the expectations of others. 3’s are extremely hard workers and know how to read a room and shift themselves accordingly to maximize success. 3’s drive and ambition show us the quickest way forward to a new and beautiful future.

What They Miss

Type 3’s have lost the message that love is not something that is earned through what you do, but is freely given to you because of who you are. They often miss out on their own personal experience and inner world because of their laser focus on the outer world and trying to be successful. 3’s are usually not available for the depth of intimate connection available to them because of their constant drive to move forward. Without these deep, intimate connections, the success that they believe will win them love and affection leaves them feeling empty.

Their Work

The 3’s work is to slow down and find the connection, validation, and meaning they’re looking for in the world around them inside themselves. 3’s may never rid themselves of their goal orientation, but it can be helpful to focus on setting goals that have a benefit for more than just themselves and bring more meaning and value into their lives.

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