Type 4

The Romantic/The Individualist/The Artist

4’s are driven by the need to be special or unique. Their attention is habitually drawn to what is missing in any given situation. They are deep and often moody, keenly aware of their own emotional state. They deal mostly with sadness and shame, and are comfortable sitting with their own melancholy. 4’s are creative and expressive, often talented artists, and they bring their own aesthetic into everything they do. They have trouble being present to what good things they have as they often lose themselves in nostalgia.

What They See

4’s are driven to be authentic. They have a flair for the dramatic that brings an energy and intensity to everything they do. They are keenly aware of what’s missing in any situation and they experience a deep sense of longing. Often 4’s are creative and stylish and like to be seen as such, but aren’t overly concerned with being “liked” by others. They are searching for depth and meaning in their work and relationships, and can’t stand to be stuck on the surface of things. 4’s have no trouble plumbing the depths of their darker emotions and have an innate ability to help others do the same.

What They Miss

In always seeing what’s missing in any given situation, 4’s can often miss what’s actually there. They, like their 1 counterparts, have set an internalized ideal as something to be achieved and experience extreme disappointment when life doesn’t live up. 4’s experience their emotions as the core of who they are, and can easily be swept away by the mood of the moment. Often 4’s will shy away from the happier and lighter side of the emotional spectrum because it doesn’t feel real enough, this leads them to wallow in their melancholy.

Their Work

4’s work is to develop a more grounded presence, this is often achieved through getting more in touch with their bodies. As 4’s learn to identify less with their emotions and more as a holistic being, they experience a sense of equanimity. They’re emotions may still be moving and shaking on the inside, but 4’s won’t be taken for the ride.

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