Type 2

The Helper/The Giver

2’s are driven by the need to be helpful or even indispensable. They are warm and affectionate and are keenly aware of the needs of others. They deal mostly with shame and work to overcome it by becoming helpful and endearing themselves to others. Their attention is habitually focused on other people, and often this causes them to lose sight of themselves and their own needs.

What They See

2’s are deeply relational, their attention is always focused on how to make their relationships work and work better. They have an ability to sense the needs and feelings of others and work to meet those needs and tend to those feelings. 2’s works tirelessly to support those they love and often know what others need before they do. They use this skill to try and earn the love and acceptance they crave. Naturally caring and empathetic, 2’s energy is warm and inviting and they bring a positive feeling wherever they go.

What They Miss

With their focus firmly on other people, 2’s often miss out on what they feel/need/want themselves. This leads to an experience of pride, assuming because they don’t see any of their needs they must not have them. They can also experience an inflated or deflated senes of self-worth depending on their external approval rating. 2’s can lose themselves reaching towards others and even “help themselves to death”. In average or unhealthy ranges, they engage in “give-to-get” kinds of helping and end up frustrated that others aren’t holding up their end of the deal, causing rifts in the relationships 2’s value most.

Their Work

2’s work lies in self-inquiry and self-examination. They need to get in touch with their own needs and turn that amazing nurturing energy on themselves for a little while, or better yet, allow someone else to help them and meet their needs for a change. (*gasp!*) This practice of humility brings a healing balance to the important relationships in the 2’s life.