Mind Body Connection with Zahra Mohamed Ali (Enneagram 2)


This week I sit down with my favorite internet stalker, Zahra Mohamed Ali! I met Zahra at the International Enneagram Association's Global Conference this July and she is just a TOTAL BADASS. We have an awesome converastion about Yoga and the Enneagram and then near the end we take a fun little detour into what sobriety has offered our spiritual journeys.

Here's more about Zahra:

Zahra Mohamed Ali is a certified Enneagram coach, yoga teacher, and writer based in Orlando, FL. She helps her clients integrate their mind, heart, and body so they can be at home in their bodies, experience deeper self awareness, and live in alignment with their purpose. She’s completed trainings with Ginger Lapid-Bodga and The Enneagram Institute for her coaching certification and is undertaking her 300 hr yoga certification with Susanna Barkataki. Currently she works one-on-one with both coaching and yoga clients and runs workshops that help clients integrate the knowledge of the Enneagram with the body awareness of yoga.

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