Facilitating Time Travel with Lawrence Barriner II (Enneagram 2)


Today I sit down with my new favorite person ever, Lawrence Barriner II. Lawrence shares with us about the work he's doing to move us out of current damaging cultural structures, his own personal journey, and being an Enneagram 2!

Here's more about Lawrence:

Lawrence is a narrative strategist, connector, and systems thinker. He's a 2w1 who, on good days, is practicing moving towards his higher self 4. His paid work includes coaching and facilitation, as well as serving as the Network Engagement Coordinator at the Center for Story-Based Strategy. His unpaid work includes visionary fiction writing, (r)evolutionary uncling, healing justice, and imagining post-patriarchal futures. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in City Planning from MIT.

"Imagination is intervention, an act of defiance. It alters belief." — David Mura

Lawrence Barriner II


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