Religious Transition with Leslie Hershberger (Enneagram 7)


I have the great honor, today, to sit down with Leslie Hershberger who has been teaching the Enneagram for over 20 years. We dive into so many wonderful topics, you are sure to walk away different from this episode. Here's more about Leslie:

A teacher, theologian, coach and facilitator by training, Leslie Hershberger is the founder of Living Enneagram and offers both corporate and contemplative workshops, retreats, keynotes throughout the US and in Europe. She designed and facilitated two internationally popular web courses with Integral Theory author/philosopher, Ken Wilber and facilitated the Integral Enneagram web course, Compassionate Presence, with Helen Palmer and The Narrative Enneagram. She co-designed the Three Centers Course which is both a deep and practical way of developing emotional and social intelligence.

She integrates the Enneagram, three-centered contemplative practice and Integral Theory in her work. She was recently honored for using the theological objectives at Xavier University towards distinguished contribution to society.

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